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KiTS News DM

During the MindShare Challenge you will have the opportunity to send 2 sets of Newsletters, up to 100 units each time. Postage is in addition at 54 cents each, plus HST.

Plus - Per Edition $12.55 Data & Ship. Other items including HomeInsights, HomeBuyer Insights and VDP Calendars priced separately.

Usual Rates per unit - mailed 10X per year (unit cost includes postage amount).
Units Each
25 - 49 1.96
50 - 79 1.57
80 - 149 1.45
150 - 259 1.40
260 - 499 1.35
500+ 1.32
MindShare Challenge
During the MindShare Challenge we will make use of the KiTS Keep in Touch System, including Loop CRM, to execute on certain modules.
Your MSC Registration Fee includes FREE use of most components during the Challenge Course. Newsletters, FlyerPaks or other Printed materials will have specific FREE quantities available to you. Postage and/or UPS delivery Fees are additional. Postage and HST costs, will be billed directly to your Credit Card.
At the Conclusion of the MindShare Challenge you may elect to continue using the KiTS System, if NOT, then there will be NO other charges or costs applied and the Account will be closed.
Credit Card charges will appear as WAM Interactive/KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems on Statements. Visa and Mastercard accepted, Debit Cards not accepted. If payment by cheque, make cheque payable to WAM Interactive Information Inc.
Further I authorize WAM Interactive Information Inc. to charge my account in advance of each production cycle, amounts as prescribed and agreed to by the KiTS Subscriber Agreement, or as Posted to me by Regular Mail or at the KiTS Member Website.

KiTS Subscriber Agreement

Definitions - In this Agreement, ‘Subscriber and/or Member’ means the person who signed the enrollment form. Agency, Publisher, and/or KiTSPak means KiTS Keep in Touch Systems – KiTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of WAM Interactive Information Inc.

Membership to the KiTS Service is by annual fee, auto renewed unless advised prior. Services are paid for in addition in accordance with fees for creative, print and/or delivery. Sales taxes are in addition. Fees will be charged according to Membership Agreement during its Term, and thereafter at the most recent “cost schedule” posted on the Member Site at

Payment for all publications are due prior to production, printing and mailing. Not less than 20 days prior to each Production Cycle, if not already paid by the Member through account balance, KiTS Points, or other means, KiTS may execute a transaction to secure payment from a Credit Card Account as directed by the Member and acceptable to KiTS. The Member specifically authorizes KiTS to use such payment method. Charges that appear on your credit card statement may appear as WAM Interactive. Member account will be charged any and all costs incurred by KiTS/WAM in the event of any chargeback from a Card Processor initiated by the Customer plus a $35 service fee.

From time to time KiTS may make available to Members additional services and publications, which the Member may elect to purchase based on same terms and conditions, as agreed to in this Service Agreement, save and except separate fees.

Member may cancel their participation in the KiTS Program upon 45 days written notice to KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems.

Member agrees, that in fulfillment of any Notice Period, KiTS may use the most recent Contact List Data from the most recently published Production Cycle for Publishing Purposes and Cost Calculations. There shall be no refund of monies already paid for Membership or services performed.

Access to the Member Side of, or its redirects are restricted to current Subscribers only. Subscribers agree to protect the integrity of the foregoing, to keep secret and not share their Password, or Username. And member agrees not to study or permit to be studied for any competitive or reverse engineer process, the KiTS Member Site, Database or Data Display or Collection mechanisms and/or techniques, all of which are proprietary to KiTS.

Notice of changes may be made available to Members from KiTS through delivery by Canada Post at the address designated on the Member’s Personal Profile Page, or by email to the Member’s email as on the Member’s Personal Profile Page, or by Posting at the Member Home Page through Members are encouraged to adjust their Email Programs, Firewalls, or other Email Filtering devices to recognize as a Safe Sender.

Publishing services offered will be executed based on copy, concepts, ideas and themes as developed by KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems.

Members may have the option to apply customization to certain pre-determined portions of the publication, in the event that the member misses the cut-off date, or that KiTS publishes without such information, the Publication shall be deemed as completed.

Member is responsible for the accuracy of data in the Personal Mail List and its acceptability for delivery by the Post Office. Member appoints KiTS to hold the Member’s Data and Member’s Contact’s Data in a database and may from time to time direct KiTS to delete certain Contact Records from the database, and KiTS shall use reasonable practice to comply with the Member direction. See KiTS Privacy Statement at

With the exception of Trademarks, stylemarks, tradenames and logos owned by others, KiTS owns the copyright in all Published works of KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems and shares, nor transfers any rights in same to any Member or Subscriber. All copy, art, images, layout and formatting of the Publications and website not owned by others are the exclusive property of KiTS and may not be reproduced in any form.

You the Member expressly agree and understand that: The services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. KiTS disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. And further we make no representation that KiTS will: meet your needs; that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free, or that errors will be corrected. Materials uploaded, or downloaded or otherwise managed through the website is done at your discretion and risk. In the event of wrong publication, wrong delivery, unreasonable delay in delivery or whole or partial damage, or other error, by KiTS, its suppliers or agents, KiTS shall be liable only to provide a refund for the cost of the goods as originally paid, together with delivery taxes and the pro-rated portion of Annual Subscription Fee.