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KiTS 90 Day Trial Subscriber Agreement – Mindshare Participants Only – Step 2

Definitions - In this Agreement, ‘Subscriber and/or Member’ means the person who signed the enrollment form and/or provided an electronically captured agreement to the subscriber terms of agreement to enroll in the KiTS – Keep In Touch System Program. Agency,Publisher, and/or KiTSPak means KiTS Keep in Touch Systems – KiTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of WAM Interactive Information Inc.

During your Four Month Trial Subscription we make certain KiTS Services available to you on a trial basis. Access to the KiTS system is free of charge during the trial period. Your trial period includes the ability to publish both printed and electronic Marketing Media. You will earn credits towards Free marketing tools for completing challenges through The MindShare Challenge Course. Marketing products earned are free, however the subscriber is required to pay applicable postage and data charges on all published items during the course of the trial period. The 4 Month trial period begins on the date of the first MindShare Challenge Session and terminates automatically 4 months after the first MindShare Challenge Session.


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